A kinder and gentler TSA?

A kinder and gentler TSA? You be the judge.

My son had stayed as long as he could for the Thanksgiving break, but it was time to get back to school. It was the Sunday after thanksgiving, at 2:30 pm. Arguably the WORST time on the WORST day of the year to roll your carryon bag up to the TSA in the East Terminal at Lambert International Airport. After placing his belongings on the belt and proceeding through the magic machine, he gets pulled to the side.

TSA AGENT: “Is this your bag?”

MY SON: “Yes Sir”

TSA AGENT:” Do you know what is in this overstuffed envelope?”

MY SON: “Well, not really, it was packed by my mother”

TSA AGENT: “so you didn’t pack this?

MY SON: “No sir”

TSA AGENT: “So your mother packed an envelope with little drawing and marked HAPPY Chanukah Don’t open until the first night?”

MY SON: “well, you wouldn’t think that was so strange if you knew my Mom”

TSA AGENT: …. Opening the envelope … “there are 8 different packages in here marked Day 1 through Day 8”

MY SON:” again, you wouldn’t think that was so strange if you knew my mom”

TSA AGENT: “ok, son turn around and look the other way”

MY SON: “sure….”

After a few moments of rummaging around the envelope, the TSA agent reseals the envelope and hands it back to him.

TSA AGENT: Whispering to my son: “Have a nice Chanukah and keep that envelope close to you, I am pretty sure your mom gave you some cash for one of the nights”

All I can say it that I think I like the kinder gentler TSA!!!!

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