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When you hire O’Gorman & Sandroni, P.C., you receive more than dedication of one attorney. You receive the cumulative knowledge of years of combined representation of uncountable companies and transactions. 

Frankly, every business person should have a lawyer to assist them in their business endeavors. From the initial stages of a well thought out business plan, to defending assisting clients in lawsuits, business owners and managers feel a sense of comfort with our representation.

How do we help?

We help guide you through the decision process of where to start: Incorporation?  Sub S Corporations? Straight C corps? Sole proprietorship? Partnership? Limited Partnerships? Investment Partnerships? Limited Liability Companies? One size does not fit all!

We help all size companies, from one person shops through “medium sized” companies. How do we do that when most companies cannot afford their own in house counsel?  We function as “out-of-house counsel”, knowing you and your business. 

Rather than having to explain your business to yet another lawyer in the event a legal issue arises, we already understand your business and we are able to cost-effectively represent you and your company. When it is time to sell or wind down a business we are there for our clients as well.

Whether you are forming a new business or buying an existing one we can help you. Our objective is to help our clients organize and maintain successful businesses and partnerships. We do this by promoting the interests of our clients and ensuring complete, correct, and accurate legal counsel at affordable rates.

Because of our combined experience and skill, O’Gorman and Sandroni are able to recognize and prevent common problems that affect entrepreneurs. Tt costs less to do the job right the first time than to correct mistakes.

Unfortunately, sometimes businesses wind up in litigation: it can happen to anyone. If this happens to one of our clients, we are ready, able and waiting to step in and see the case through to competition. Sometimes businesses need to pursue their rights in court and we are qualified and experienced.

As corny as it may sound, owning your own business is a big part of the American dream and we are pleased to be able to help people get there.

Since 1985 Sean O’Gorman and Andrew Sandroni have been representing clients in all areas of the law. O’Gorman & Sandroni, P.C. was founded in 1989 on the principles of honesty, integrity, and the aggressive pursuit of our client’s goals.



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