Elder Law

This is a special area of our practice. Clients and their families who are facing long term care issues are in a particularly difficult circumstance with many questions. Long term care insurance policies?  Aging in place?  Medicaid?  Medicare? Spend down? Social Security? Disability? SSN /SSI Proactive? Reactive?

These are very difficult questions: and every family faces unique issues. O’Gorman and Sandroni have a variety of legal tools and techniques to meet these goals and objectives. Trusts, Medicaid trusts, Irrevocable trust, Living trusts, Spendthrift trusts, Step up Trusts. Personal Service agreements, Spend down guidelines, strategic gifting – to name just a few.

Our most important tool is our ability to listen to each issue and apply the proper tools in every circumstance. Some law firms “limit their practice” to Elder Law. We believe that rather than limiting our practice this is area of our practice is simply an incredibly important and integral part of how we assist our clients. 

Having these discussions with clients sooner rather than later is simple commonsense. Equally important and sometimes overlooked: how to deal with the possibility that a client or a loved one loses their ability to make decisions. Such incapacity sometimes cannot be predicted in advance: sometimes we have to use tools such as Guardianships and Conservatorships.

We provide a complete legal experience by assisting clients in all their probate court needs.

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