9 DIY Jewelry Organizer Ideas That Are Easy and Affordable

If you love accessorizing and are tired of your jewelry being tangled and disorganized, this is the perfect read for you. We understand that keeping your precious jewelry safe, accessible, and stylish is essential. That’s why we’ve gathered nine fantastic and budget-friendly ideas for creating your own jewelry organizers.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a complete beginner, these creative solutions will help you showcase and organize your favorite pieces with ease. So, let’s dive in and explore these easy-to-make and aesthetically pleasing DIY jewelry organizer ideas!

jewelry stand organizer ideas

Here are nine DIY jewelry organizer ideas that are easy to make and won’t break the bank:

Pegboard Jewelry Display:

Get a small pegboard, paint it in your favorite color, and attach it to your wall. Add some hooks and small shelves to hold your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. This way, you can easily see and access your jewelry.

Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Holder:

Repurpose an ice cube tray as a practical jewelry organizer. Each compartment can hold individual pieces like rings, earrings, or small pendants. You can stack multiple trays in a drawer or place them on a dresser.

Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer:

Take an old picture frame, remove the glass, and staple or glue a piece of decorative fabric or mesh onto the back. Attach hooks or small knobs to the fabric, and you’ve got a stylish and functional jewelry holder.

Egg Carton Jewelry Storage:

Keep your delicate jewelry separated and tangle-free by using an empty egg carton. Place rings, earrings, or other small items into each section, and you’ll have an easy-to-use and portable organizer.

Branch Jewelry Tree:

Find a small, sturdy branch, clean it up, and place it in a decorative container like a vase or a jar filled with stones. Hang your necklaces and bracelets from the branches to create a beautiful and natural jewelry display.

Magnetic Makeup Board:

Glue small magnets onto the back of your makeup products (like eyeshadows, blushes, etc.) and mount a metal sheet on your wall. You can use this board not only for makeup but also to attach your magnetic jewelry pieces like brooches or magnetic earrings.

Hanging Pocket Organizer:

Hang a fabric pocket organizer on the back of your closet or bedroom door. The various compartments can hold all types of jewelry, and it’s a great way to save space and stay organized.

Wine Cork Jewelry Holder:

Collect old wine corks and stick them onto a wooden board or inside a deep picture frame. Insert hooks or pushpins into the corks to hang your jewelry.

Repurposed Dish Rack Organizer:

Use a small dish rack (the type used for drying dishes) as a jewelry organizer. Hang your necklaces and bracelets on the rack, and use the flat base for rings and earrings.

The Bottom Line

We hope you’ve enjoyed this journey through the world of DIY jewelry organizers. Organizing and displaying your jewelry doesn’t have to be a daunting task or an expensive endeavor.

With a little creativity and some simple materials, you can create beautiful and functional jewelry organizers tailored to your needs and style.

From pegboard displays to repurposed items like ice cube trays and egg cartons, there’s an option for everyone. These DIY projects not only keep your jewelry in order but also add a touch of charm to your living space. So, get crafting and have fun making your own personalized jewelry organizers!