Accessorize and Declutter: How to Organize Your Jewelry with Wall-Mounted Organizers

If you’ve ever struggled with tangled necklaces, lost earrings, or cluttered jewelry drawers, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’ll explore the art of transforming your jewelry collection into a beautifully organized display using wall-mounted organizers.

Get ready to add a touch of elegance to your space while keeping your favorite accessories within easy reach.

wall jewelry organizer ideas

Organizing your jewelry with wall-mounted organizers is a great way to keep your accessories neat, easily accessible, and free from tangles. Here are some steps to help you achieve an organized and stylish display:

Assess your jewelry collection:


Start by going through your jewelry and sorting them into categories, such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. This will help you determine the type and size of wall-mounted organizers you’ll need.

Choose the right wall-mounted organizers:

There are various types of wall-mounted organizers available, such as jewelry racks, pegboards, shadow boxes, or decorative hooks. Pick ones that suit your style and complement your bedroom or dressing area.

Find the ideal location:

Select a wall in your room where you want to hang the organizers. Consider a spot that is easily accessible and well-lit, making it convenient for you to choose your jewelry daily.

Mount the organizers securely:

Follow the instructions provided with the organizers to properly mount them on the wall. Ensure they are fixed securely to avoid accidents and damage to your jewelry.

Separate and hang your jewelry:

jewelry organizer
jewelry organizer

Use the different sections or hooks on the wall-mounted organizers to separate and hang your jewelry. For example, use necklace hooks for necklaces, earring grids for earrings, and small trays or dishes for rings and other smaller items.

Arrange by frequency of use:

Organize your jewelry in a way that the pieces you wear most often are easily accessible. You can place your everyday jewelry within arm’s reach, while special occasion pieces can be placed higher up or in less frequently used areas.

Consider aesthetics:

Wall-mounted organizers can also serve as decorative elements in your room. Arrange your jewelry in an aesthetically pleasing way to create a visually appealing display.

Use additional storage options:

Depending on the size of your collection, you may need additional storage solutions. Consider adding small jewelry boxes or drawer organizers for pieces that don’t hang well or need extra protection.

Regularly tidy up:

Make it a habit to tidy up your jewelry display regularly. This will help maintain the organization and prevent clutter from building up.

Label and customize:


If you have a large collection or prefer a more detailed organization, consider labeling sections of your wall-mounted organizers. You can also customize them with paint, wallpaper, or decorative elements to match your room’s theme.

The Bottom Line

Incorporating wall-mounted organizers into your jewelry organization routine is a game-changer. With a carefully curated display, you can say goodbye to frantic searches and tangled accessories.

By following our tips, you’ll enjoy a clutter-free and visually stunning arrangement that showcases your jewelry collection like a work of art. Embrace the simplicity and functionality of wall-mounted organizers to create a harmonious space that sparkles with style.